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Welcome to Stephen Dent Construction

Stephen Dent Construction proudly serves the entire Milwaukee area, including West Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay, and Elm Grove. Stephen Dent Construction offers all of the best options in construction today. From efficient home building to state-of-the-art materials, Stephen Dent knows what you’re looking for in a home. Stephen Dent has been in business since 1968, so you know it’s a name with lasting value and resistance to the strains of the economy. Our clients return time and time again because of the quality of our work. With almost an entirely referral based business, we know we must be doing something right!

Stephen Dent: Contractors

The construction managers and contractors with Stephen Dent are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Stephen Dent brings you the assurance of warranty protection on nearly every type of construction we do. Additionally, not one ounce of cement will be mixed or poured until you are satisfied with the plans and details of any project Stephen Dent does for you.

With any custom construction job you should be aware that specific permits may be required. Before starting your custom dream home you should be familiar with the legal documents that need to be prepared to make the idea a reality. While Stephen Dent’s team can help you with this, it is a good idea to still be familiar with the legalities yourself. For more information on this please visit New Residential Construction details listed on the Government Website.