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We proudly serve the entire Milwaukee area, including West Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay, and Elm Grove. Stephen Dent Construction offers all of the best options in construction today. From efficient home building to state-of-the-art materials, Stephen Dent knows what you’re looking for in a home. Stephen Dent has been in business since 1968, so you know it’s a name with lasting value and resistance to the strains of the economy. Our clients return time and time again because of the quality of our work. With almost an entirely referral based business, we know we must be doing something right!

Stephen Dent: Contractors

The construction managers and contractors with Stephen Dent are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Stephen Dent brings you the assurance of warranty protection on nearly every type of construction we do. Additionally, not one ounce of cement will be mixed or poured until you are satisfied with the plans and details of any project Stephen Dent does for you.

With any custom construction job you should be aware that specific permits may be required. Before starting your custom dream home you should be familiar with the legal documents that need to be prepared to make the idea a reality. While Stephen Dent’s team can help you with this, it is a good idea to still be familiar with the legalities yourself. For more information on this please visit New Residential Construction details listed on the Government Website.

Five Tips for Consistently Creating Homes Buyers Will Love

Whether designing a personal home or creating residences for an entire neighborhood, there are numerous factors that will determine how well homeowners receive the dwelling and how much they will enjoy it after purchase. To keep buyers interested, ensure every part of the property is planned to give inhabitants the most out of the experience. Follow simple tips to create homes buyers will be eager to purchase.

Create Enough Bathrooms to Avoid Waiting

Modern homes need to be able to accommodate all types of families, including large or blended ones. Because of this, there is a need for a suitable number of bathrooms to keep residents living comfortably. Aim for a full bathroom for each room, if possible. If not, ensure that at the least there is an extra water closet for guests and emergencies.

Include Ample Yard Space for Expanding or Entertaining

While the inside of the home is important, the outside must be done properly as well. Inhabitants, whether single residents or large families, will most likely want to entertain guests at some point. Many enjoy entertaining in their backyards with games, fire pits, barbecues and other activities. A home should be built with enough yard space to keep the home separate from neighboring units in addition to allowing residents to entertain.

Install Modern and Efficient Appliances

Discerning homeowners will want appliances that are modern and sleek enough to coordinate with any décor or color scheme. White appliances may seem a bit dated for a contemporary home, so chrome or black finishes may be best. Many residents also aim for more eco-friendly and cost-efficient options. It may be worth the investment to opt for such units as they could be major selling points for the interior.

Use Warm and Inviting Lights

Lighting is almost as important as the color of a room when it comes to comfort and emotion. Harsh lighting will make potential buyers less likely to enjoy a room when compared to warm, golden tones. The location of the light may make a difference as well. Consider under-cabinet lighting to enhance a kitchen.

Choose Wise Flooring Options

The type of flooring a home will need depends on the people that will live inside. It may be a good idea to install carpeting in small units made for single residents, while homes with space for children may be better with a solid material such as wood or tile.

3 Essential Precautions before Hiring Home Construction Contractors

Building or remodeling your home requires that you take every precaution to ensure your financial and personal wellness. When you want to hire contractors to help you with your projects, you might be tempted to hire builders without giving your actions a second thought. However, because these workmen and women will have access to your home, it is vital that you first take some precautionary measures to protect your house and also safeguard your finances. Before you hire a contractor for any aspect of the home construction, you should first follow these four important suggestions.

Get at Least Three Estimates for Your Project

Getting the work done right the first time can be vital to your budget and timeline for your construction project. Rather than hire the first contractor with whom you speak, you should secure at least three estimates from contractors in your area. When you seek at least three bids on the job, you can make sure that the contractors are qualified and that they can get the work done for the price you are willing to pay. This step helps you avoid going over budget while also ensuring that the work will be done right.

Insist on Verifying Licensing and Bonding

A reputable contractor will have the proper licensing and bonding necessary to protect you and his crew during the home construction. However, even if you know that this professional is honest and offers quality services, you should still insist on seeing proof of his or her licensing and bonding paperwork. Likewise, you should also demand that the contracting company have worker’s compensation insurance available for its workers. These securities will help you avoid being financially responsible in case of accidents or damage to your home that occurs during the work.

Get Everything in Writing

Before you let any work begin on your home, you should get written proof of all of the estimates, materials, and time frame for the work to be completed. Having a written contract can protect you in case the cost of the work exceeds what was initially agreed upon and also help you avoid paying for materials that were not included in the bid. If the contractor tries to sue you or coerce you into paying more for the work, you have a written document to back up your claim in court if necessary.

These three precautions can be vital for your home construction success. They serve to protect you before, during, and after the work is done.

Construction Tips to Make Your Home Unique

If you are in a position to have a brand new home built for yourself and your family, then you should definitely make the most of it by having it built unique to the tastes, hobbies and likes of the entire family. It will no doubt cost much less to include your favorite things during the initial construction process rather than adding them later, so you should sit down with your family and begin making some solid plans.

  1. Outdoor Entertainment

    Let your pool parties be the envy of the neighborhood. Don’t skimp on the size of that beautiful built-in swimming pool with a shallow end for the little ones and a deep end complete with diving board and slide. A waterfall in the middle and an attached jacuzzi are wonderful touches. Make sure to leave plenty of room around the pool for tables and chairs and have a brick wall nearby with a built-in grill where you can serve up steaks to your hungry guests.

  2. Musical Family

    Consider sound-proofing a large room if you have family members who are very interested in making their own music. Be sure to have the room pre-wired for all the equipment that may be used. This is also good if you have school band members that need a place to practice or teenagers who just want to hang out after school and listen to loud music.

  3. Fitness Fanatics

    If you have a family full of fitness fanatics, then be sure to have a room made with a floor that can handle large fitness machines. If your family is full of dancers, then put in a floor suitable for dance and don’t forget to add a mirrored wall and ballet bars for stretching.

  4. Green Thumb

    Surprise your happy gardener with an amazing greenhouse where she can feel free to plant wonderful flowers and plants year-around. A great addition to the greenhouse is a large sun room so those beautiful blooms can have a place to be displayed inside your new home where they can be enjoyed by everyone and keep your house smelling wonderful with that fresh flower scent.

  5. These are just a few ideas that could turn your home into a place the entire family can be proud of and enjoy for many years to come. Get those plans made, and you will soon be starting your new life in your wonderful new home.

    Anxiety-Saving Tips for Building a New Home

    Unless you are commissioning a new custom home project, the plans used to complete your new construction residence will very likely be based on a pre-approved set of plans that have already been looked over by your local building department. This is both good and bad. The good news is that you are far less likely to get caught up in the bureaucracy of the red tape machine during the building process. The bad news is obvious, few options for modifying your site plan or floor plan will be available to you. Any changes you instruct your builder to undertake may trigger a repeat of the permit or approval process creating time delays and cost overruns. Obtaining the greatest of degree of satisfaction from your new construction home requires some advanced and creative planning before you go under contract. These four anxiety-reducing new home construction tips will help you do exactly that.

    Choose Your Lot Wisely

    The parcel of land on which your new construction home will forever rest is one thing that you have complete control over. Use this opportunity wisely. The local environment is something that you will have to live with every day. Give it some thought. How is the drainage on your proposed lot? Where does the sun rise and set over your proposed home? Do you really want to see the sun rising through your bedroom window early every Saturday morning? Is the immediate neighborhood too noisy for your taste? Finally, is your chosen site situated within a district known for having a good school system? This factor matters because it will influence the future value of your property.

    Consider Modular Construction

    Modular construction is not for everybody, but it does have its advantages. Modular homes can be put up in a fraction of the time it takes to complete a stick-built home. This is so because modular homes are pre-built in a factory before being trucked to the construction site where they are assembled like a child’s toy. Choosing a modular home can save you a bundle money and a ton of anxiety. This method does limit many of the amenities that folks expect in a new construction home. Such an inconvenience has to be weighed against the cost and time saving benefits.

    Build an Energy Efficient Home

    An energy efficient home is a good long-term investment. Before you sign a contract ask your builder what he knows about the EPA’s ENERGY STAR standards. Taking the time to seal your home against air leakage as it is going up is time well-spent. Having a high-efficiency heating and cooling system installed from the first day is another wise decision because the extra cost of a premium HVAC system can be conveniently spread out over the entire term of the mortgage loan.

    Minimize the Climbing With a Single-story Ranch

    Don’t like climbing up and down stairs? Consider building a single-story ranch home. Today, more and more people of a certain age are making the practical decision to live the one-story life. Ranch homes are ideal for people who have no desire to climb up and down stairs. Site plans for ranch style homes commonly call for slab construction and therefore don’t feature basements. For storage, you probably will want an attached two-car garage. As the nation’s population ages, ranch style homes are expected to become increasingly popular, a factor that will likely cause them to hold onto their value.

    Residential Real Estate Construction Tips

    Many people who construct their own homes are looking for ways to reduce their construction and utility costs while still making the house unique and special. One option that many people are considering is a “green” home. These houses use new technology and techniques to save money on construction, maintenance, and utilities. Best of all, a green home can be a great way to make a minimal impact on the environment while constructing and living in your home. It can also be a good way to cut down on building and ownership costs, since so many green homes reduce construction waste and are energy efficient.

    Green building techniques can consist of a lot of different construction methods. While there are standards for energy efficient homes, there is not a lot of regulation for green construction. This means that a construction firm has a lot options on ways to offer green construction techniques to their clients, but all of them will benefit the environment in different ways and to degrees. For example, installing energy efficient appliances will help to reduce energy and water usage. Adding insulation can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the home.

    In general, green construction involves reducing waste and using less energy and water. Many constructions companies find that reducing their waste is a reduction in their costs once they understand how to do it. Look for ways to use less material and reuse items from demolition jobs. Using the same material on many different sites can reduce the amount of drop shipments that your company has to pay for, but it also has the advantage of costing less money.

    It’s also important to find ways to reduce energy costs. This can involve using renewable power sources to run heavy equipment, or using new technology that cuts down on water usage.